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A journey to people + planet wellness; 

Intelligence of nature, regenerative culture, open heart, conscious living



The creation of Balm wellness was born out of 2020, the year of global transformational change. A conflation of our current health care + planetary climate crisis led me to a place of oscillation between fear + anxiety & the belief in the potential for a more beautiful world. Now, more than ever, we are called to radical self love, deep self care and connection to our true nature. As the old ways of being in the world are dying and the emergence of new ideas come into the light, my prayer is that they are birthed from a place of love and not fear. I believe this journey starts from within. Balm is dedicated to the nurturing of this journey and an offering of ways in which to deepen connection to ourselves. Fostering mind, body, soul + nature unicity. A holistic approach to health + wellness. Nourishing the body through organic products, natural therapies, wellness boxes & retreats; with the wellness of people + the planet at the heart of everything Balm offers.

As an English brand based in between the shores of the North-West coast + the fells of the Lake District, I am so grateful to be surrounded by nature. My love of this landscape fuels my drive to create consciously + regeneratively, with a vision to live in alignment with our beautiful planet. A warm welcome + thank you, I look forward to continuing this wellness journey together. 

From the Founder, Chloe Levis.